DO you know..Trisection of an Angle is Impossible . but Here is a tool to do it.

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Hold a Piece of maths in Hand..& TAke apart - Reassemble ..and Learn Without stress of any Screen

Tomahawk: Angle Trisecting Tool

The tomahawk is a classic tool for angle trisection. The proof behind it is perhaps more appealing than the tool itself. Here is a little one: 60mm x 60 mm x 5mm. A longer handle would allow the trisection of smaller angles. A left-handed version is also included for those who might need it.

To trisect an angle, position the tomahawk so that (1) the vertex of the angle is always on the straightedge of the handle; (2) the spike tip is on one ray of the angle; and (3) the second ray is tangent to the semicircle. Mark the points at the two notches along the blade. Then, draw two rays for the angle trisectors.

Warning: The spike has to be sharp for the tool to work. Please use extra caution to avoid injury!



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