Logarithmic Spiral, Golden Triangle, Golden Gnomon, Spira Mirabilis

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Logarithmic Spiral, Golden Triangle, Golden Gnomon, Spira Mirabilis

A golden triangle is an isosceles triangle, where the longer sides and the short one has the golden ratio ϕ= (sqrt(5)+1)/2, and the three interior angles are 72°, 72°, and 36° , respectively. Starting from a golden triangle, one can construct inwards and/or outwards an infinite number of (similar) golden triangles, thus creating a logarithmic spiral. In the design, I have kept the triangles for children to ponder over the beautiful relationships among these geometric gems.

Severn sizes are available. The dimension refers to the length of the short side of the outmost triangle. The spirals are 8mm in width and 2mm in thickness. The smaller ones are a little thinner.

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