Bee hive geometry
abelles geometria natura(2)

Bee hive geometry Model for RENT

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Hold a Piece of maths in Hand..& TAke apart - Reassemble ..and Learn Without stress of any Screen

Beehive Geometry is a didactic resource to help know and experience the amazing geometry that bees apply in the construction of their hives. And by extension it can also serve to introduce a general interest in geometry, structures and mosaics.

The set is made up of five regular straight prisms with square, triangular, circular, hexagonal and pentagonal bases. A variation of straight regular hexagonal prism with a base divided by 3 rhombuses, which is the one the bees use to build the cells of their hive. And a support.

The six prisms indicated have the same size base perimeter, 100 mm inside. Thus, it is possible to make relationships between the different geometric bodies directly. 


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- Refundable Deposit of AED 200 is to be made. We will deduct the Rent and Refund the money to you.  

- Rent will be calculated from 1) Handing over the Model to you or Courier in Person, till the time the model is Delivered back. One day : 24 Hours +/- 4 Hours.

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or We ship to you at extra AED 30 Dirhams and you ship it back at Own cost. 


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