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Dayna Martin Join Dr. Edith and Dayna Martin, the world-renowned pioneer of Radical Unschooling (also known as Peaceful Parenting) as we explore the history of education, new perspectives on children’s rights, and the new Partnership-Based Paradigm with our children.

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Raising Rebels Book

Raising Rebels is a highlight reel of guidance from one of the world's most sought-after Peaceful Parenting and Radical Unschooling

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Homeschooling and parenting are intertwined in suc​h a way that they can hardly be seen as separate concepts and each of them bring fulfillment and enriching experiences. Both endeavors contain much responsibility; one in the area of academics and the other in raising a child from youth into adulthood. As one overlaps with the other we find that all parents are home educators to some

What's Your Child Learning Style ?
Each child is unique and also their learning style, there is no doubt about serious learning happens via play however if we closely observe we could find a pattern in his or her learning style. Understanding your child learning style helps to create/ build activity that compliments your child learning strength.
There are 4 common learning styles
KINESTHETIC: They are very active, jumping all over the place, even while reading bedtime book you don't find

tedThe decline of play | Peter Gray |

Peter Gray’s TED Talk: The Decline of Play,” is perhaps more relevant today than it was in 2014. He addresses the importance of play from his perspective as a biological, evolutionary researcher; using this lens, he relays when the decline of play over the past half-century is so significant.

How to learn anything from everything.

#unitstudy is quite popular among homeschooling families. until recently my idea of homeschooling was just "choose a theme or subject and tie the activities on the same theme", though the definition is appropriate actual unit study concept is much beyond these colour theme or fancy DIYs
#Unitstudy is about following a child interest. oftentimes we undervalue the child interest as we don't see any "education" benefit in the
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