The Unschooling Handbook How to Use the Whole World As Your Childs Classroom by Mary GriffithTo Unschoolers, Learning Is As Natural As Breathing
Did you know that a growing percentage of home schoolers are becoming unschoolers? The unschooling movement is founded on the principle that children learn best when they pursue their own natural curiosities and interests. Without bells, schedules, and rules about what to do and when, the knowledge they gain through mindful living and exploration is absorbed more easily and enthusiastically. Learning is a natural, inborn impulse, and the world is rich with lessons to be learned and puzzles to be solved.
Successful unschooling parents know how to stimulate and direct their children's learning impulse. Once you read this book, so will you!

What Do I Do Monday?by John Holt

What Do I Do Mondayby John Holt

“I believe that we learn best when we, not others, are deciding what we are going“I believe that we learn best when we, not others, are deciding what we are goingto try to learn, and when, and how, and for what reasons or purposes; when we,not others, are in the end choosing the people, materials, and experiences fromwhich and with which we will be learning; when we, not others, are judging howeasily or quickly or well we are learning, and when we have

Books about Homeschooling

You can find many of these homeschooling books in the public libraries and local bookstores.

General Information

Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life by Peter Gray (2013)
Developmental psychologist Peter Gray argues that our children, if free to pursue their own interests through play, will not only learn all they need to know, but will do so with energy and passion.

The Art of EducationThe Art of Education, by Linda Dobson

The Art of Education - by Linda Dobson
Examines where the government school "system" has led us as human beings, and shows how your family can exchange conformity and dependency for personal fulfillment through the natural union of learning and living. A homeschooling mother's impassioned analysis of schooling with many different solutions to help parents personalize their children's educations.


How Children LearnIn this enduring classic, rich with deep, original insight into the nature of early learning, John Holt was the first to make clear that, for small children, "learning is as natural as breathing." In his delightful book he observes how children actually learn to talk, to read, to count, and to reason, and how, as adults, we can best encourage these natural abilities in our children.

The Homeschooling Book of Answers The 101 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschoolings Most Respected Voicesby Linda Dobson

The Homeschooling Book of Answers- The 101 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices,by Linda Dobson
Homeschooling is revolutionizing the way many children in this country are educated. Increasing numbers of parents are finding that homeschools provide their children with a learning environment superior to that of public schools. Whether you are currently homeschooling or are just considering it, you've probably had questions, such as: Can I afford it? How do

Teach Your Own The John Holt Book Of HomeschoolingTeach Your Own- The John Holt Book Of Homeschooling

The classic and indispensable work on teaching children at home, fully updated for today's new laws, new lifestyles, and the growing new generation of homeschooling parents
Today more than one and a half million children are being taught at home by their own parents. In this expanded edition of the book that helped launch the whole movement, Pat Farenga has distilled John Holt's timeless understanding of the ways children come to
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