Anita Renfroe sums up all the things that a mother says to her children in a three-minute song called "Momisms" set to the William Tell Overture. This is the official version by Anita Renfroe. Purchase full DVD at Video and audio available on iTunes.



Here's a YouTube video of "momisms" written and sung by Anita Renfroe to the tune of the William Tell OVerture:

If the video disappears the lyrics are at Lyrics: Anita Renfroe - William Tell Total Momsense)

All the moms in the audience cheer becuase they agree that's how it is and how it has to be. But if you picture what she says as a day spent with your husband or boss saying those things to you, I

<p>we are all more similar than we'd like to believe<

The Path To Awakening Yourself | Dr. Shefali Tsabary

and what you think is a good thing and what you preserve is good and what you hold on to and never want to shatter may actually be the thing that needs to break you apart to an entirely new way of living to a new dimension to a new exposure

hello everyone so the reason I became a clinical psychologist is not just because I'm a little voyeuristic but

Pain as a Portal to Consciousness : Shefali Tsabary

Wisdom 2.0

so as a clinical psychologist I'm often asked how do you listen to people's problems day in and day out how do you stand it people's pain don't you get burnt out and truth be told when I was new as a therapist and so young and full of pompous zeal that I could go in and fix people's lives yes I used to get overwhelmed and so overburdened it seemed as if their pain on top of mine was simply too hard to metabolize but that wasn't

Find out what is getting in his WAy .. if kids could do well they would do well.

because  This is the most important theme of Collaborative Problem Solving: the belief that if kids could do well they would do well. In other words, if the kid had the skills to exhibit adaptive behavior, he wouldn't be exhibiting challenging behavior. That's because doing well is always preferable to not doing well.


I think if you're working with kids in general but challenging kids in particular

Nothing hurts us parents more than to witness our child in pain or suffering through a failure. We immediately get anxious because we want to be perfect; we want them to be perfect happy, we want them to be happy even though we barely know what that means. We want them to not be in emotional pain, and we will do anything it takes. When my child comes to me and says, mommy I got a C grade, or Mommy my teacher said that I was very lazy and unmotivated and she’s crying, my instinct as a parent

THE CONSCIOUS PARENT - Dr. Shefali Tsabary World-renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali will explain the fundamentals of conscious parenting and why it is pivotal in today’s world. .

Conscious Parenting: Shefali Tsabary at TEDxSF (7 Billion Well)

As a clinical psychologist it is my privilege to help people explore their inner worlds, their psychological terrain. Hour after hour, I hear thoughts, emotions, feelings. This is my data. This data helps me to better understand what is it

I would say the common denominator in the reason we create dysfunction in our lives; period, across the board is our immaturity, inability to handle emotional pain. We’ve become a culture and species obsessed with running away, avoiding pain. This where we’re creating children who cannot tolerate the slightest slight, the slightest insult, the slightest bad grade they fall apart. Instead of teaching resilience to our children, we’re really teaching them emotional avoidance . Now, how do we

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